Spring Loaded Doors

Entrance doors to condominiums, apartments or office doors may require a door closer.  A typical door closer is shown below on the left. The Private-Door will not work with  this device, and it must be removed before the Private-Door is installed. When automatic closing feature is required for manual operation, the spring hinge closer shown on the right will work with the Private-Door and provide an automatic closing feature during manual operation. Private-Door has a field setting that will open and then hold the door open for the user.
The Private-Door will not work with this type of door closer. It must be removed before installation of the Private-Door.

The spring hinge closer will automatically close the door when manually opened and not interfere with the operation of the Private-Door. Direct replacement hinges for existing doors are available.  The number of hinges depends on the weight and size of the door.  Consult Tri-Cor for details and price.