Private-Door Release

The Door Release is unique to Private-Door, and simplifies the automation of a door by eliminating the complicated and involved installation of an electric strike release. The Door Release mounts to the edge of the door and leaves no mounting holes on the face of the door. This feature and others minimize the objection landlords have to the automation of an apartment or condominium door.

The Private-Door Release automatically turns the levered style handle, retracting the door latch and permitting the door to open. When the door opens, the Door Release will return the latch to its normal position. The Door Release does not interfere with the manual operation or locking of the door. To use a Private-Door Release a lever style handle is required. Go to the Lever Style Handle page for more information.
PD Release PD Release 2
The Door Release is available on the Private-Door Assistant and Private-Door System.