Lever Style Handle Information

The Door Release is unique to Private-Door and simplifies the automation of a door by eliminating the complicated and involved installation of an electric strike release. To confirm that the current door hardware is correct, perform the following test. If the handle does not work as described below replace it with door hardware listed below.

Step One: Stand on the inside, shut and lock the door. Make sure you have your keys with you.

Step Two: Open the door using the lever handle. If you have to unlock the door first, you need to replace the handle with one listed below.

Step Three: Go outside and shut the door.

Step Four: Check if the handle is secured. Unlock the door with the key and go inside.

Below is a suggested list of manufacturers and models of lever handles that will work with the Private-Door. Please confirm that the lockset you choose will function properly as described above.

Company - Schlage - www.schlage.com Model - "Saturn" or "Jupiter" Function - Line 7 Lever Style "LB" or "LL"

Company - Sargent - www.sargentlock.com Model - Line 7 Lever Style "LB" or "LL" Function - Entrance (05)