The Private-Door Retracting Strike Release

Traditional electric strike releases use a solenoid that releases a hinged plate that swings out of the way to provide clearance for the door latch. The Private-Door Retracting Strike is designed with an internal motor that pushes (retracts) the door latch into the door. The door latch is retracted the same as if the handle was turned. Because the Private-Door Electric Strike retracts the door latch it maintains a stronger level of security then a traditional strike release. The wood door frame and its trim does not need to be cut for clearance. This feature provides a cleaner appearance. The Private-Door Retracting Strike also fits into a standard ANSI 4 7/8" metal door frame which a traditional strike release cannot do.
Strike Release
Typical Strike
The Private-Door Electric Strike Release pushes the door latch into the door.
Typical strike release installed by a non-professional.
During the open cycle the "Private-Door Electric Strike" retracts the door latch and permitting the door to open. The "Private-Door Electric Strike" does not interfere with the manual operation or locking of the door. To fully automate the door without using the strike release see the Private-Door Assistant.