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Solo Kit
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Open & Close Your Door From Your Desk

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Keep Confidential Conversations Private

Opens & Closes Door To The "Ajar" Position

No High Voltage Wiring

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With Private-Door you will never interrupt another important phone call with "please hold while I shut my door"

The door in your office should provide privacy and convey access. With the Private-Door Solo, the push of a button on a hand-held remote opens or closes any interior door (when latch plate is used), providing easy access while maintaining sufficient privacy for all but the most sensitive situations.

The Solo opens and closes your professional office door, home office door and meeting room doors. The Private-Door Solo solution requires no complicated pneumatics, no extensive physical modifications to the door, and no special and costly electrical wiring.

A Necessary Convenience
With the push of a button and without leaving your chair, close the door to protect sensitive conversations or put a guest at ease. Avoid interrupting critical conversations to get up and close the door. When the need for privacy ends open the door just as easily, thus increasing accessibility.

Simplicity of Design
Private-Door re-thought the concept and execution of the automated door opener. The result is a system that is far less costly to purchase, install, and maintain while making no compromises in its capabilities.

Simple To Install
Private-Door is easy to install with simple hand tools. Powered by a 12-Volt plug-in transformer Private-Door requires no high voltage wiring. Private-Door is landlord friendly. All Components mount to the edge of the door, no holes are drilled in the face of the door. Go to the How The Solo Works page to learn more.

Latch Plate
The Latch Plate temporarily retracts the latch so the door can close completely without a strike release. The Latch Plate can be released at the end of the business day so the door can be locked and secured. This makes the Solo the simplest door operator to install.

Private-Door Solo - The Best for Less
The best doesn't have to cost more. Compare functionality, cost of purchase, cost of installation, and cost of maintenance and you will quickly and clearly see why your best choice is a Private-Door Solution.

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Private-Door Solo

> Quiet, smooth operation

> Simplest door opener to install

> Our patented “FreeFloat” system provides completely normal manual operation of the door

> Can retrofit to virtually any existing door

> Installation requires no special tools or skills

> Obstruction detection

> Two-year warranty

> Can be upgraded to an Assistant at a later date


> 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet , for easy and economical

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