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Private-Door Provides Three Solutions To Automate Your Door
Solo Operator

The door to your office should provide privacy when required and accessibility when desired.

With a Private-Door automatic door opener you can open and close your office door without leaving your chair. The push of a button will close your office door to protect sensitive conversations. When the need for privacy ends, just as easily open the door. Enjoy increased productivity by remotely closing your door to distractions of the general office or uninvited guests. With Private-Door you command the office door, your privacy and accessibility. Professionals who use Private-Door find it becomes an indispensable tool that makes their day more efficient.

Professional With RemotePrivate-Door offers unprecedented control and flexibility over your office environment.
> Protect sensitive conversations.
> Convey confidentiality.
> Avoid interrupting important conversations.
> Shut out general office distractions and activities.
> Shelter yourself from uninvited guest.

To select a Private-Door for your application choose from the models below and click on the image for complete information. The Private-Door Selection Chart. is another helpful tool to select the proper Private-Door for your application. To learn more about Review Private-Door's Benefits, Features and FAQs pages. When ready to purchase a Private-Door go to Order Here, complete an order or quote form and we will contact you to answer any questions, and thank you for your interest in Private-Door.

Private-Door Solo
Part No. 800,101.00


The Private-Door Solo is the most economical and the easiest way to automate an office door. When the "Latch Plate" is used you can shut your door completely.

Private-Door Features

> Quiet, smooth operation
> 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet , for easy and economical installations

Private-Door Assistant
Part No. 800,103.00


The Private-Door Assistant is the opener of choice for office doors where there is a lever style handle. The exclusive Door Release simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a strike release.

Private- Door Features

> Our patented “FreeFloat” system provides completely normal manual operation of the door
> Can retrofit to virtually any existing door

Private-Door Executive
Part No. 800,106.00


The Private-Door Executive provides the ultimate executive solution, with its concealed strike release that automates the opening and shutting of any door set in a metal or wood frame.

Private-Door Features

> Installation requires no special tools or skills
> Obstruction detection
>Two-year warranty