Professional Features



Private-Door is designed to automate existing personal doors in the home or office. The design of Private-Door incorporates many unique features that cannot be found in other manufactured commercial or light commercial operators that are often used for residential doors.

Two Year Warranty
Confidence is synonymous with quality. Private-Door is manufactured by Tri-Cor International, a manufacturer of automatic gate operators since 1978. The empirical knowledge in the design of automatic gate operators required to move 1,000-pound gates was the foundation of the design of Private-Door.

No Electric Strike Release
The Private-Door System and Assistant use the Door Release, which is exclusive to Private-Door. The Door Release eliminates the need for labor intensive and involved installation of an electric strike release.

Free-Float System
A unique feature of Private-Door is the "Free-Float System." When the door is manually operated, the Private-Door will Free-Float, providing uninhibited, resistance-free movement. During manual operation of some competitors' operators, the door reverse-gears the motor, making the door difficult to move and causing additional wear to the operator. Other manufacturer's door openers produce an annoying click when the door is opened manually.

Obstruction Sensing
If the door encounters an obstacle during operation, Private-Door stops on contact and reverts to the Free-Float System. The door can then be moved manually so the obstacle can be removed.

Minimum Force
Private-Door is designed to use a surprisingly small amount of power to reliably automate a full size door.

Zero Resistance
Private-Door completely automates your door. Some competitors' operators only open the door and require the installation of an expensive spring closer to close the door. This will add considerable resistance when the door is opened. The spring closer may slam the door closed or not shut the door securely.

Keyless System
When the recommended hardware is in place and the Private-Door System is activated by a remote control, the unit will open a locked door.

Timer to Close
A timer that is adjustable from 6 to 60 seconds will automatically close the door so you don't have to.

Low Voltage Wiring
The Private-Door is powered by a plug-in 12-volt transformer that will plug into any outlet. No expensive high-voltage electrical wiring is required.

Paint or Stain
The covers of the units can be painted or stained to match your décor.

All Private-Door components mount to the edge of the door, not to the face, avoiding the need to drill mounting holes into the surface of the door.

Optional Battery Backup
The Battery Backup will permit the Private-Door to continue to operate during power outages.