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Provides Independence and Self Reliance

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Partnering With Private-Door Assures Success

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Removing the barrier doors become to users of wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes.

The Executive combines two of our unique Private-Door elements, the Solo door opener, and a special concealed strike release. The strike release fits invisibly into the metal or wood frame of most doors without modifying the door's trim. The Executive is the operator of choice for prestigious facilities.

The presence of a Private-Door opener can spell the difference between dependence and independence in accessing personal residential spaces. Even those not using assistive devices find that they move with greater ease and confidence when their door can be opened or closed at the push of a button.

Removing Barriers
With the Private-Door opener, the door is no longer a barrier for those using a mobility aid. A Private-Door Executive makes for easy entry, and reduces the awkward maneuvering that might otherwise be necessary.

A Marketing Advantage/New Source Of Revenues
The presence of automated door control is a substantial marketing advantage. It's an amenity that tells prospective residents you have a solution for gaining and maintaining their independence. You can also choose to sell or lease Private-Door solutions to your tenants and prospects as an added cost option.

Partnering With Private-Door
By partnering with Private-Door you will be able to economically automate residents' doors and generate new revenues for the facility. Private-Door provides sales and installation support before, during and after the sale.

Increases Privacy and Participation
Because the door can be operated remotely from a chair, residents can open their doors easily for caregivers and visitors or just to feel more a part of the activity around them, while maintaining the ability to shut the door at any time for privacy.

Simplicity Of Design, Ease Of Installation
Private-Door re-thought the concept of the automatic door opener. The result is a system that is far less costly to purchase, install, and maintain while making no compromises in its capabilities. All Private-Door models can be installed easily by almost anyone, using simple hand tools. All of our models use a low-voltage (12V) transformer that simply plugs into any available wall outlet. The concealed strike release avoids modifications to the door's trim. All components can be painted or stained to match any decor. To learn more about the Private-Door Executive, go to the How It Works page.

Private-Door Executive-The Best for Less
The best doesn't have to cost more. Compare functionality, cost of purchase, cost of installation, and cost of maintenance and you will quickly and clearly see why your best choice is a Private-Door solution. In addition to the Executive, we offer a full line of door activators.


Private-Door Executive Benefits

> Enhances Facility's image

> Provides residents independence

> Reduces residents dependence on staff

> Minimizes damage to doors

> Concealed strike release is easy to install and invisible to user

> 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet, for easy and economical installations

> The patented "FreeFloat" system provides completely normal operation of the door

> Can retrofit to virtually any existing door

> Installation requires no special tools or skills

> Obstruction detection

> Two-year warranty


< 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet, for easy and economical installations