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Private-Door Provides Benefits For Residents And Management

Tenant Features Assisted

• Free-Float System, permits normal manual operation of the door. This permits a spouse or staff to enter the apartment without any increased resistance to the door's operation.

• Obstruction Sensing, determines if an obstacle interferes with the door's operation. Private-Door will revert to Free-Float and the door can be moved manually to remove the obstruction.

• Door Check, will recognize when a door was unintentionally left ajar after manual operation. Private-Door will sense the door's position and automatically close it.

• Timer to Close, will automatically close the door after the resident passes through the doorway after a predetermined period of time has expired.

Management FeaturesManagement

• No complicated and involved strike release to be installed. This reduces alterations and damage to the door frame.

• No high voltage wiring. Power is provided by a simple plug-in 12-volt transformer that can be plugged into a convenient wall outlet.

• All components mount to edge of door, not to the surface. When the operator is transferred to another unit no mounting holes are seen on the surface of the door.

• Portable, can be removed by the resident or transferred to another unit by management. .

• Reduces residents' dependence on staff.