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Tenants Will Find Private-Door To Be An Indispensable Tool That Makes
Their Day More Efficient.

Private-DoorTenants enjoy "privacy-on-demand" without leaving their chair.Remote

The demand and pace of a professionals life makes what was once considered a luxury a necessity. Private-Door is such an amenity. The door to a tenant's office should provide both privacy and accessibility - without interruption to their concentration or conversation. Private-Door provides immediate privacy with the push of a button and just as easily provides accessibility. Tenants will realize that Private-Door is an indispensable tool in their professional life that increases daily output and protects sensitive conversations and communications.

With Private-Door, Tenants Control Their Office Door, Their Privacy & Their Accessibility With The Push Of A Button !

> Protect sensitive conversations
> Convey confidentiality to associates and peers
> Avoid interrupting important conversations
> Shut out general office distractions and activities
> Avoid uninvited guests