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Partnering For Success.

Facility managers seek new amenities to enhance the facility's image, entice new tenants and extend the stay of current tenants. The Private-Door meetingautomatic door operator is a signature amenity tenants will appreciate for the convenience and prestige it offers. To capitalize on this life-enhancing product, Private-Door will assist management in selecting the most effective sales strategy. Two popular strategies are:

Turnkey Program: With management's cooperation, Private-Door will promote Private-Door's features and benefits to the tenants. Private-Door will also provide installation of the door openers at an additional charge. Management receives a 10% commission for each unit sold.

Facility Program: Private-Door trains and supports management on the selling and installation of Private-Doors. Management purchases Private-Doors at a 25% discount, selling Private-Door directly to tenants. Management may offer tenants installation at an additional charge.

Private-Door will provide sales materials, support and training - before, during, and after the sale is made. Contact Private-Door for a Digital Catalog that contains a brief video on Private-Door's features and benefits.