Private-Door Solutions


The Executive
With Concealed
Strike Release

Price $1199.00


The Assistant
With Door Release

Price $799.00


The Solo
Opens & Closes Door
To The Ajar Position
Price $599.00

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Private-Door Provides You Control Over Your Office Door, Your Privacy And Your Accessibility!
Make your office space both private and accessible, with doors that open and shut at your remote command. Private-Door offers solutions for every situation.

Automated door control is the necessity that looks like a luxury --- until you use it. With one of our door activator solutions, the push of a button provides automated access control. Whether activated for privacy, climate control, or just to let people know you're in "do not disturb" mode, the office door is at your command.

Providing Professional Privacy
Use a Private-Door solution to create privacy-on-demand in your office workspace. At the push of a button, and without leaving your chair, close the door to protect sensitive conversations or put a guest at ease. Avoid interrupting critical conversations to get up and close the door. When the need for privacy ends, open the door just as easily, thus increasing accessibility. Now there's no need to put someone on hold "While I close the door".

The Home Office Necessity
Trying to maintain a professional phone demeanor from a home office is impossible against a background of crying babies, yelling children, doors slamming, or the dog barking. With a Private-Door opener, push a button and assure yourself a quiet, professional environment.

Removing Barriers
With the Private-Door opener, the door is no longer a barrier for those using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane. A Private- Door opener makes for easy entry, and helps your company achieve ADA compliance.

Simplicity of Design, Ease of Installation
Private-Door re-thought the concept and execution of the automated door opener. The result is a system that is far less costly to purchase, install, and maintain while making no compromises in its capabilities. All Private-Door models can be installed easily by almost anyone, using simple hand tools. All of our models use a low-voltage (12V) electrical hookup that simply plugs into any available wall outlet. All components can be painted or stained to match any door decor.

Private-Door - The Best for Less
The best doesn't have to cost more. Compare functionality, cost of purchase, cost of installation, and cost of maintenance and you will quickly and clearly see why your best choice is a Private-Door solution. We offer a full line of door activators for single family residences, townhomes, condos, apartments, offices, and assisted living communities.


Without leaving your chair, Private-Door provides privacy and accessibility without interrupting your conversation or your concentration.

Private-Door Solutions for

Offices in
Commercial Buildings
And Homes

The Private-Door Executive provides the ultimate executive solution, with its concealed strike release that automates the opening and shutting of any door set in a metal or wood frame.

The Private-Door Assistant is the opener of choice for office doors where there is a lever style handle. The exclusive Door Release simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a strike release.

The Private-Door Solo is the economical opener to automate your office door. Opens and closes the doors to the ajar position.

All Private-Door openers feature our FreeFloat system (which permits completely normal manual operation of the door), obstruction detection, and a two-year warranty. Landlord friendly, components mount to the edge of the door.


> 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet, for easy and economical installations