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Private-Door Provides Benefits For Management

Facility managers seek new amenities to enhance the facility's image, entice new tenants and extend the stay of current tenants. The Private-Door automatic door operator is a signature amenity tenants will appreciate for the convenience and prestige it offers. Professional Conversation


> New Source Of Revenues
> Enhances Facility's Image
> Promotes Goodwill
> Minimizes Vacancies
> May Avoid Potential ADA Complaints

Generate new revenues by offering a new amenity by leasing or selling Private-Door to existing and new tenants. Private-Door has a model that will fit any tenants budget.


The Solo opens and closes the door to the "ajar position" to provide privacy for all but the most sensitive conversations.

The Assistant simplifies installation with the exclusive Door Release, which eliminates the need for a strike release. The Door Release automatically turns the lever style handle prior to the door operator opening the door.

The Executive utilizes a concealed strike release that maintains the door's classic appearance. Private-Door Features

Transformer> Private-Door is easy to install with simple hand tools.
> Two Year Warranty.
> Powered by a 12-volt transformer that plugs into a wall outlet; no high voltage wiring.
> Private-Door is easy to move from one door to another.
> All components mount to the edge of the door - no holes need to be drilled in the face of the door.
> Paint or stain to match any decor.