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Dealers Program And Benefits

In recent years, the term "dealer" has been redefined, losing some of its relevance. To Tri-Cor, a "dealer" is a customer that shares a common interest with its vendor to succeed in an industry, and they provide support to each other. We believe that the success of Private-Door is Tri-Cor's commitment to develop a strong working relationship with dealers, providing leads, training, support, and reliable products. You can be assured that Tri-Cor will not sell to consumers directly, because we don't believe in competeting Meeting with our dealers. Any leads generated through Tri-Cor promotions will be forwarded to qualified dealers.

The dealer also has to make a commitment to Tri-Cor. This commitment includes scheduling staff for training in the proper application, sales, and installation of Tri-Cor's product line, as well as promotion of Tri-Cor's products and providing reasonable after-market support to consumers.

With this understanding, Tri-Cor has developed a Dealer Program that will protect both you and Tri-Cor from the "casual dealers". Preferred Dealers are expected to have a store front or a facility, providing a presence in the community. Preferred Dealers have staff trained to properly recommend and install Tri-Cor products. They will carry minimum inventory or product and parts to service the customer and actively promote Private-Door.

The Preferred Dealer Program is intended to provide dealers with additional competitive advantages in appreciation for the support that they provide Tri-Cor and their customers. Preferred Dealers will receive an additional discount, along with other benefits reserved exclusively for the preferred dealers. Some of the additional benefits for the Preferred Dealers are listed below.

> Preferred Dealer will receive a 30% discount from list price (.70 multiplier). Standard dealer discount is 20% (.80 multiplier).

> Preferred Dealer will be able to provide a two year warranty for parts on Private-Door products they installed. Standard Dealer Warranty is 12 months.

> Preferred Dealers will receive all leads generated by Tri-Cor's promotions two working days in advance to the standard dealer.

> Tri-Cor will provide the names of Preferred Dealers only to customers who call for local dealers/installers.

> Preferred Dealers will be permitted to represent themselves to the customer as a Preferred Dealer with proper training and factory support to offer the two year warranty.

> Preferred Dealers will have priority on portable displays for presentations and local trade shows.

Tri-Cor offers these additional benefits to you as an incentive to support and promote our products and to protect our brand name from damage by misapplication. The first step in becoming a Preferred Dealer is to complete the "Dealer Profile" provided in this packet.