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Dealers Defined

Private-Door is distributed through dealers in different markets that are not related and have virtually no crossover. The concept of automating doors is common to some markets and new to others. Those dealers with foresight will gain a competitive advantage over the competition. If your industry is listed below, you should take particular interest in becoming a Private-Door dealer.

Durable Equipment Dealer Door Closers and Checkers
Garage Door Dealer Home Builders and Remodelers
Locksmith Security Dealer
Window and Door Dealer  

Private-Door is a natural addition to the Durable Medical Equipment Dealer's product line. The Private-Door is a necessity for consumers who use electric scooters or wheelchairs. It provides the same convenience as a garage door does to the homeowner. The DME has a large data base of existing customers who have an interest in the conveniences that Private-Door provides. A simple mass mailing to existing customers will generate good will with customers and the potential of increased sales.

The door closers and checkers are currently installing commercial door openers on commercial buildings. Private-Door is an economical way to automate interior office doors or entrance doors to homes. You no longer are forced to quote an expensive commercial operator for a residential application.

Garage door dealers appreciate the demand for automatic door openers. Private-Door provides new sales in a mature market. Dealers can increase sales and profits by automating the entrance and interior doors of homes. Commercial customers need the same conveniences for interior office doors.

Home builders and remodelers can offer an additional appliance for the homeowner that sets them apart from the current competition. Private-Door will also provide a reasonable solution to the ADA requirements to commercial clients for their interior doors.

Private-Door is the same to the locksmith as the garage door opener is to the garage door company. Locksmiths that offer Private-Door will gain a competitive advantage over the competition by providing a product that is a solution to the ADA requirements and a convenience to others. Don't wait for a customer to ask for a door opener; offer Private-Door to them. You will be surprised how many will give serious consideration to purchasing one, especially after they are educated on the ADA law.

Security dealers, on a daily basis, see the growing demand to control the access to facilities. The Private-Door Commercial door opener provides an economical means to provide this access and to increase sales. Private-Door will interface with most security systems so that the control of access is simplified. The Private-Door Door Release eliminates the need for involved electric strike releases or magnetic locks. The Private-Door operator is an affordable means to automate the doors of a professional office or home.

Window and door dealers could not ask for a more suitable product to compliment their current line. Automating an entrance door may be a new concept, but it will become a growing trend. Customers who are considering a new entrance door will find the offer to automate it intriguing, and to some, a necessity. A potential sale is waiting for you; just ask for it.

The automation of doors is virtually an untapped market, and Tri-Cor would like to work closely with you and your staff to help show you how you can establish yourself in this market.