Private-Door:The Affordable Door Operator

SoloPrivate-Door is the first affordable automatic door opener for the home or office. With the enactment of the ADA, maturing America, and consumers' fascination with automation, the demand for Private-Door will continue to grow. Designed as a modular system to minimize cost, Private-Door can automate virtually any entrance door to a home or an interior office door affordably. Private-Door is priced to be within the reach of consumers who need some assistance or want modern conveniences. Professionals find it to be an important addition for the office to impress associates and to provide privacy during conversations or phone calls.

Private-Door is available in five models.

The Private-Door Solo
The Private-Door Assistant
The Private-Door Executive
The Private-Door Duo
The Private-Door System

Discounts to qualified dealers can be up to 30 percent, making Private-Door the most competitive door operator on the market. A complete description of each model and its features is provided with the enclosed literature.

Ajar PositingThe Private-Door Solo is designed to open the door from, and close the door to, the ajar position, providing ample privacy for all but the most sensitive situations. The Solo is perfect for automating Duobedroom, bathroom and home office doors.

The Private-Door Assistant is the simplilest way to motorize an interior door for a bedroom, offie or bathroom. The Private-Door Assistant utilizes the Solo to open and close the door and the patented Door Release to turn a lever style door handle, simplifing the installation by avoiding the need for a door strike.

The Private-Door Executive functions the same as the Assistant but utilizes the unique Private-Door concealed latch. The concealed latch avoids the need to cut the trim of a door that typical strike relases require.

The Private-Door Duo, combined with an electric strike release (provided by others) will completely automate an entrance door. System

The Private-Door System includes the Door Release that turns a lever style handle, simplifying the installation by eliminating the need for installing an electric strike release.

The most unique feature of Private-Door is the Free-Float System. When the door is used manually, the Private-Door free floats, so that moving the door requires no additional effort.

Private-Door has many other features besides price that set it apart from the competition. The preferred dealer program, factory promotions and others are explained further on this website.