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Claim Your Independence And Self-Reliance With Private-Door

A Simple Convenience That Fulfills A Basic Need

Problem With DoorWalker With RemoteThe door to your home should not be a barrier to your independence. If you use a cane, walker or wheelchair, you probably struggle to open the entrance door to your home. Private-Door will open and close your entrance door by remote control, simplifying your day. With Private-Door, leaving or entering your home is as easy as the "push of a button".
Private-Door provides:

> Independence
> Self-Reliance
> Privacy
> Control Over Your Personnel Space
> Simplifies Your Day



Private-Door a life enhancing product that is economical priced so you can enjoy the convenience of a Private-Door for the bedroom, office and bathroom. If you have a special requirement let us know we have the resources to accommodate most modifications.

To select a Private-Door for your application choose from the models below and click on the image for complete information. The Private-Door Selection Chart is another helpful tool to select the proper Private-Door for your applications. To learn more about Private-Door review Private-Door's Benefits, Features and FAQs pages. Want to speak to visitors at your front door without leaving your chair? Then visit the Wireless Intercom page to learn about the wireless intercom systems that are easy to install. When ready to purchase a Private-Door go to Order Here to complete an order or quote form, and thank you for your interest in Private-Door.

Private-Door, A Model To Automate VIrtually Any Door Economically!

Private-Door Solo
Part No. 800,101.00

Solo Operator

Simple To Install, Economical Means To Automate Interior Door Such As Bedrooms, Offices, Or Bathrooms Doors

An inexpensive operator to automate any office door. The Private-Door Solo is designed to open the door from, and close a door to the "ajar position". To fully automate an interior door see the Private-Door Assistant or Executive, Go to Private-Door Solo for complete information.

Private-Door Assistant
Part No. 800,103.00

Assistant Operator

Professional Or Home Office Doors, Entrance Doors To Condominiums, Apartments, Passageway Doors Between Garage & Home

The easiest and most economical Private-Door to fully automate a door. Perfect to automate professional and home offices doors or the entrance doors to condos, apartments, and passageway doors between the garage and house. Do not use on exterior doors or doors with weather stripping. Go to Private-Door Assistant for more information.

Private-Door Executive
Part No. 800,106.00

Executive Operator

Entrance Doors To Condominiums, Apartments, Passageway Doors, Home and Professional Offices Doors

With push button convenience executives can enjoy privacy on demand. The Executives motorized strike release installs in wood and metal frame doors with out cutting the door trim. Perfect to automate the home office or professional office door. Go to the Private-Door Executive for more information.