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Experience The Convenience Of Your Own Personal Door Operator With Private-Door!
Designed to economically automate the entrance doors to condominiums, apartments and offices, the Private-Door Assistant is the convenience that will become a necessity.

Private-Door is a dynamic concept in convenience that provides a personal service to the individual at a cost that was unprecedented until now.

Private-Door Simplifies Your Day
Indulge yourself with the Private-Door Assistant and simplify your day. Make life easier by opening the entrance door to your condominium or apartment with push button convenience. With Private-Door you avoid fumbling with keys while holding packages when entering or exiting your dwelling.

Private-Door is a Helping Hand
The door to your dwelling should not be a barrier to your personal activities, nor should the cost to automate it. Private-Door is the affordable solution to the barriers that doors become to people who use wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes.

Removing Barriers
With the Private-Door Assistant, the door is no longer a barrier for those using a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or cane. The Assistant makes for easy entry and exit of your home. No more awkwardly maneuvering to clear the door.

No Electrical Strike Release Installation
Practical solutions for eliminating problems is a hallmark of Private-Door. The Door Release, exclusive to Private-Door, automatically turns the lever style handle prior to the door operator opening the door. This eliminates any objection management might have to the modifications a strike release requires. Private-Door's installation requires only simple hand tools. To learn more about the Private-Door Assistant go to the How It Works page.

Private Door Assistant - The Best for Less
The best doesn't have to cost more. Compare functionality, cost of purchase, cost of installation, and cost of maintenance and you will quickly and clearly see why your best choice is a Private-Door solution. In addition to the Assistant, we offer a full line of door activators, including the Executive (interior doors with knob handles), the Solo (internal doors to the ajar position), the Duo (external doors with conventional knobs), and the System (external doors with lever handles).

Order your Private-Door today. Not intended for exterior doors, see Private-Door System .



Private-Door Assistant

> Quiet, smooth operation

> Exclusive Door Release, for any lever-type handle, eliminates the need for a complex and costly electric strike release

> Our patented "FreeFloat" system provides completely normal manual operation of the door

> Can retrofit to virtually any existing door

> Installation requires no special tools or skills

> Obstruction detection

> Two-year warranty


> 12V transformer plugs into any standard wall outlet, for easy and economical installations