Private-Door Commercial Door Opener

Private-Door Commercial

Private-Door Commercial Door Operator


Commercial Door

Private-Door Commercial Can Operate
Two Doors Simultaneously

Private-Door Commercial Door Opener Ready To Serve

The Private-Door Commercial Door Opener "PDC" is the economical answer to automate the entrance door to public buildings. Attractive compact design the PDC's low profile will compliment any decor. The PDC can be mounted on the lentil or the door. The unit only fault is that is operates virtually silent.

Robust, But Attractive

The PDC operator has the torque to open and close commercial doors continuously all day. But can be adjusted to reverse if obstructed with as little as five pounds of pressure. The PDC can be activated by control station, access control devices or passive infrared devices.

Economical Convenience

The PDC is the attractive and economically priced means to meet ADA compliance or provide convenience for clients or associates.


  • ADA Compliant
  • Quiet, reliable and safe
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Selectable "push and go" function; Touch the door and it automatically opens and closes
  • Master-slave capability
  • Adjustable sensitivity of obstacle detection. If the door meets an obstacle, it re-opens immediately and then, upon closing the next time, its memory-stores the point of impact and approaches it at a slow speed. It returns to normal operation only after verifying the obstacle has been removed.
  • 110 Volt Power