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Private-Door automatic door openers are life enhancing products that redefines the term "convenience". A Private-Door automatic door opener automates the entrance doors to homes, condominiums, apartments and offices. This automatic door opener can be installed on virtually any existing home or office door. Private-Door automatic door openers use remote control convenience to simplify the day for the physically challenged, provide privacy for the executive and to make the homeowner's life easier. Private Door openers are designed to be affordable, costing up to 50% less then most competitive automatic door openers. A 2-Year Warranty assures the quality of Private-Door automatic door openers .

Door Openers

The Automatic Door Opener Used In Home Modification and Accessibility. Developing an automatic door opener for office and home use, Tri-Cor’s automatic door opener received interest from the disabled community and physically challenged. Improving accessibility through home modification the automatic door opener enhances the lives of the disabled community and physically challenged. Automatic door openers will be as common a home modification and accessibility aid as a lift, ramp, or elevator are to the physically challenged who use a wheelchair, scooter, cane or walker. The Automated Office and ADA Compliance The advent of the ADA requires management to make reasonable accommodation for employees or residents with physical disabilities. Doors are the biggest barriers to people with physical disabilities. Automatic door openers remove this barrier. The History of the Electric Door Opener Tri-Cor’s heritage comes from the electric door opener industry. The electric door opener was developed for commercial doors in the 1950s. The electric door opener was engineered for a consumer application in the 1960s. With 85% of new home construction including an electric door opener, it has become an expected appliance. Many new safety features have been included in the designs of current electric door opener. The automatic door opener known also as an electric door opener was the convenience of the 60’s. Door openers sometimes called automatic door openers, or automatic door openers are the trend 2000. The automatic door opener is to the disabled community and the user of scooter, walker, wheelchair, lift, elevator and ramp what the electric door opener is to owners of automobiles. The disabled community who uses of scooter, wheelchair, lift, elevator and ramp find the electric door opener a necessity. .